Chameleon Trail depicts an amusing take on a traditional floral trail. This exuberant tree of life comprises of a leafy stem with chameleons perching and sprawling stylised flowers. This design took Josephine a month to paint and colour. Available in 9 Colourways RRP: £180 (Samples £3.00)
Inspired by antique botanical prints this hand painted floral is one of our softer designs. The textures hand painted look makes the design subtle and easy to use in any interior.
Pockets of clouds make way for playful swallows. This lively design has been hand painted by Josephine. It is available in three colourways and goes perfect with the Clouds design.
This small-scale composition, with its stylised clouds and markings, is effortlessly sleek and contemporary. A very useful print for a playful but subtle wall. Offered in three colourways.
A playful design, Whimsical Clumps is an energetic wallpaper with a strong narrative. This rich and fabulously patterned design has been hand-painted by Josephine. It is offered in two earthy colourways.
Miserden is a beautiful Estate in the Cotswolds. Josephine painted arches and walls along with trees including an ancient Mulberry tree that is believed to have been planted in 1620. A huge piece of intricately painted leaves and animals. Miserden comes in a large scale pattern or a smaller repeating roll.
A very versatile pattern inspired by antique botanical prints. This whimsical small-scale pattern will add visual texture into any room. ‘Coral’ was hand painted in the Josephine Munsey matt emulsion colours. See below the recommended paint colours for this wallpaper.
This striped design is a stylised take on the tropical shapes and motifs of the palm tree. A simple yet striking design. Josephine painted this design using the matt emulsion paint range. See below for the recommended paint colours for this design.
This intricate design was carefully hand drawn to create a canopy of leaves. A simple design suitable for any interior.
Inspired by a local woodland. Ferns unfold at your feet and mushrooms spill out of tree stumps creating a carpet of interest. Each element was captured, and hand painted.
A luscious density of palm trees creating a playful and naive design. This design was hand painted with watercolour paints.
This wallpaper design was inspired by Indian architecture. It is bought to life with lush foliage and playful peacocks. This pattern has traditional geometric pattern set in architectural Doorways and Windows. All meticulously hand painted.
A love for Escher and mathematical design was behind this wallpaper. Technical grids and attention to angles were used to create this continuously rising repeat. Painted with watercolour paints and distressed to create a beautiful texture.
A hand painted tree full of exotic avifauna and flora. Parakeets and sunbirds nestle in the branches, surrounded by lush ginkgo leaves and protea blooms. Hand painted to create movement that will gently meander down your wall. Available in moody dark navy, and softer tones.
A repeating archway motif featuring abundant leaves around a make-believe structure. This artwork was painted then sanded and painted again to create movement and interest. This wallpaper panel features a fresh palette of chalky colours, perfect for adding impact to your room.
A trip to the British museum with my sister began my obsession with Indian miniature paintings. This wallpaper pattern owes more than a nod to the Mughal style, with intricate detail and a profusion of plants. Painted shapes make up a naive canopy of trees in a mixture of colours.
This wallpaper design is named after Josephine’s mother and her love affair with ferns. Her mother’s garden is home to a lush and abundant collection of ferns that I admire every time I visit. One day I hope my own garden will be as impressive! Depicted in rich greens with highlights of soft pink in the spores. Welcome the outdoors in by letting this gorgeous pattern unravel across your wall
This wallpaper has an unapologetically eye catching design. This eight limbed creature will bring any room to life. Hand drawn with a fine line and meticulously repeated.
A wallpaper design that was inspired by a trip to Belize. Underwater and on-shore vegetation blurred into one. As my drawings progressed, this magical underwater jungle slowly appeared. Multi coloured with lots of detail, this tall panel can bring character to any room.