Underwater Jungle Design Story

Underwater jungle started off with some drawings of fish. I then sketched how a repeat could work, in this case the repeat was so big that it made sense in the end to make it a panel. I also liked the fact that if it was a panel then the sea could carry on at the top of the wall. If your wall is taller than the panel then please get in touch as it is easy for me to add the extra height to the panel.

Josephine Munsey Hand Drawing Designer Wallpaper

Once I had done the initial layout, I scaled it up and drew it as one large coral jungle. I added the drawn fish afterwards on photoshop. ⁠

Colouring this one was a lot of fun. It took days to draw in the colour on photoshop. I then changed every individual colour until it started to work. I think I might have to do a few more colourways soon for this design. ⁠If you want a specific colourway click to see bespoke options.

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