Meet Marcia Morgan, a talented stylist with 15 years experience of transforming homes and working with on some of the UK’s leading property shows.

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‘I start by going through a love and hate list with clients and then get them to dig out the hidden treasures in the home..’ 

What do you love most about what you do?

Even though it’s in no way as worthy as being a nurse or teacher, or any other job that involves helping people.  Doing what I do in a small way has transformed the lives of people I’ve helped for the better and that makes me happy. 

How did you end up doing what you do?

I always knew I wanted to do something creative and was obsessed with film and art and the beauty of couture. So I went from studying fashion and art into working with a fashion designer. Then an architect and lighting designer ending up doing projects on commercial interiors. I dressed a press party and editor Nonie Niesewand was there and said that I was very talented and that I should become a stylist. She won’t remember but it stuck with me as she was on Architectural Digest, Vogue and House and Garden. So off I went to find out what they did!  I assisted to learn about the job. My first shoot was as a photographer’s assistant it was with Country Life and the editor at the Hurligham Club. Classic cars, high fashion and champagne.

What inspires you?  

The past present and future. I see design all around us or aspects of it. Colour, ceramics, jewellery, textiles. Sometimes it’s going past an old shop that is being renovated and you see glimpses of the old signage or furniture. Seeing something new yet art deco, the shapes of anything art deco just still excite me. Or seeing a new piece of architecture punching through the London redbrick skyline.

Talk us through your creative process.

I start by going through a love and hate list with clients and then get them to dig out the hidden treasures in the home. These are the things that really mean something but are hidden away. Wedding presents, gifts made by children, childhood memories. For me it’s those hidden mementos that will help to bring a home to life if I can find a way to use them in their new space. 

What is your one bit of advice when designing a home?

Make sure everything is something you love, need or really really want.

What are your tips for creating cosy corners in a room? 

Create a space that you don’t want to leave. Like being given a warm hug you want to have things around like seating that you can fall into, squash, put your feet up. And warm low level light to make everything slightly magical, electric or candle works. And add things to stimulate you a picture, texture in fabric or books nearby. A small surface that becomes a place to settle either a warm cup or glass of your favourite drink. Anything that makes you want to rest a bit longer. And finding the right scent can make the world of difference

Which paint colours are you into and why?

I think you can’t go wrong with natural tones as they are the foundation to many a design scheme. So whites, off whites, taupes and greys are colours I go to a lot as they work in English homes and mirror our climate and grey blue days. But then I try and add a strong accent primary colour. I think it can elevate a space into something spectacular. Reds, Green, Aqua, black, schaprelli pink and mustard yellow are some of my favourites as it adds another layer. It’s like makeup, adding colour makes everything pop. 

Where do you go to get inspiration?

I like going to auctions and antique shops. They have an array of styles and looks.  I look at the larger fashion houses catwalks and visit inhouse collections. The V&A also never disappoints with its exhibitions, so every visit I see something inspiring. 

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