Blue and Green Should Be Seen!

Shades of blue and green in an interior work beautifully together. Go bold or subtle, it doesn’t matter, blue and green are a combination that should be seen. Nature demonstrates that blue and green look perfect together, when it comes to colour there are guidelines and exceptions!
Barton Blue
Buck Holt Green
Tibbiwell Green
Rudge Hill
Bude Blue
Sowerby | Bude Blue and Salt Ridge
Sowerby | Osney Blue and Cotswold White
Sowerby | Soft Olive and Shortwood
Floral Check | Barton Blue and Cotswold White
Floral Check | Maitland Green and Cotswold White
Floral Check | Osney Blue and Salt Ridge
Frond Ogee Wallpaper | Bude Blue
Frond Ogee Wallpaper | Radmoor Blue and Clarke White
Frond Ogee Wallpaper | Sage
Frond Ogee Wallpaper | Brookes Green and Edge Sand
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Willow and Clarke White
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Bude Blue
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Osney Blue and Clarke White
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Brookes Green and Edge Sand
Cynthia Wallpaper | Mid Blue and Olive
Chameleon Trail Wallpaper | Sage and Green
Chameleon Trail Wallpaper | Bright Blues and Greens
Chameleon Trail Wallpaper | Dark Brown and Blue
Chameleon Trail Wallpaper | Lemon and Light Blue
Clouds Wallpaper | Chaingate Green
Whimsical Clumps Wallpaper | Olive, Brown and Blue
Miserden Trees Wallpaper | Green
Miserden Mural Wallpaper | Green
Box Blue
Brookes Green
Radmoor Blue
Osney Blue
Bison Blue
Beakster Blue
Labyrinth with Ostrich Wallpaper | Eucalyptus
Labyrinth with Deer Wallpaper | Green
Labyrinth with Squirrel Wallpaper | Olive
Labyrinth Wallpaper | Eucalyptus
Labyrinth Wallpaper | Green
Labyrinth Wallpaper | Olive
Living Branches Wallpaper | Red, Turquoise and Ecru
Living Branches Wallpaper | Dark Teal, Yellow and Olive
Living Branches Wallpaper | Petra and Green
Living Branches Wallpaper | Hilles White and Green
Abandoned Arches Wallpaper | Celadon and Stone
Octopoda Grand Wallpaper | Hilles White
Octopoda Grand Wallpaper | Radmoor Blue
Octopoda Grand Wallpaper | Bude Blue
Octopoda Grand Wallpaper | Deep Sea Blue
Octopoda Wallpaper | Deep Sea Blue
Bombe’s Fernery Wallpaper | Teal and Orange Highlights
Bombe’s Fernery Wallpaper | Olive and Dark Grey
Bombe’s Fernery Wallpaper | Olive and Celadon
Bombe’s Fernery Wallpaper | Dark Grey and Green