Tree Wallpaper

You do not need to be right be the sea to include nautical wallpaper in your scheme. The nautical trend is timeless and playful. Choose from underwater jungles and tessellating octopi, all hand drawn or painted by Josephine. All available in a range of nautical inspired colour palettes including deep sea blues and aquas. If you are wallpapering a bathroom all you need to remember is to not hang wallpaper where there is direct water dripping on it, make sure the room is well ventilated and use a matt vanish over the top.
Miserden Trees Wallpaper | Green
Miserden Mural Wallpaper | Green
Palm Stripe Wallpaper | Edge Sand
Palm Stripe Wallpaper | Spicer Brown
Palm Stripe Wallpaper | Clarke White
Palm Stripe Wallpaper | Radmoor Blue
Stockend Woods Wallpaper | Navy and Ochre
Stockend Woods Wallpaper | Stepping Stone and Cotswold White
Stockend Woods Wallpaper | Salt Ridge and Barton Blue
Stockend Woods Wallpaper | Cotswold White and Maitland Green
Palm Grove Wallpaper | Navy and Olive
Palm Grove Wallpaper | Midnight and Green
Palm Grove Wallpaper | Ecru and Blue
Palm Grove Wallpaper | Dusk and Verdigris
Woodland Floor Wallpaper | Soft Olive
Woodland Floor Wallpaper | Petrol and Sage
Woodland Floor Wallpaper | Stone and Teal
Woodland Floor Wallpaper | Celadon and Lemon
Broccoli Canopy Wallpaper | Celadon, Olive Green and Deep Red
Broccoli Canopy Wallpaper | Chaingate Green