Check Wallpaper

Checkerboard patterns are such a nice addition to an interior if you would like an alternative to stripes and they are making a major comeback in recent years. We have a couple of designs that nod towards a check pattern but will stand the test of time. Cabbage check is a beautiful example of this, giving a botanical check feel. Floral check wallpaper has an attractive check texture in the background along with a timeless floral pattern.
Animal Check – Trixie – Ringhill White
Animal Check – Chimney – Cromwell Stone
Animal Check – Red Topping – Clarke White
Animal Check – Osney Blue – Skirting White
Animal Check – Chaingate Green – Edge Sand
Floral Check | Lemon and Salt Ridge
Floral Check | Barton Blue and Cotswold White
Floral Check | Maitland Green and Cotswold White
Floral Check | Osney Blue and Salt Ridge
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Bude Blue
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Willow and Clarke White
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Osney Blue and Clarke White
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Alma and Edge Sand
Cabbage Check Wallpaper | Brookes Green and Edge Sand